What is Yasmin?

Yasmin is one of the most popular contraceptive pills on the market. It belongs to a group of oral contraceptive commonly known as the Pill, and it is one of the most effective contraceptive methods available to those women who seek a form of complete protection against pregnancy.

The contraceptive pill Yasmin has been proven in clinical trials to be nearly 99.9% effective, with less than 1 in 100 women using this contraceptive pill becoming pregnant. Yasmin birth control pills are different from other birth control pills, becaurse they do not cause weight gain or fluid retention, which can be side effects of other oral contraceptive pills.

The contraceptive pill Yasmin contains a combination of both artificial progestogen and oestrogen, which means that the pill protects against pregnancy in three ways, unlike the mini-pill which contains only progesterone as its main ingredient. The two main ingredients present in the pill Yasmin are ethinylestradiol (30 micrograms) and drospirenone (3mg).

What are the benefits of the pill Yasmin?

One of the many benefits of taking an oral contraceptive such as Yasmin is that it provides you with immediate protection against pregnancy if you start taking it on the first day of your period. Yasmin is a contraceptive pill preferred by many women because it does not cause an unnecessary increase in weight, which often happens with many other similar medications.

How does the pill Yasmin work?

Yasmin works three ways to prevent pregnancy as it contains both the oestrogen and progestogen. Yasmin prevents ovulation so that an egg is not released for fertilization and as an additional measure, these hormones also prevent sperm from entering the uterus, thanks to the thick cervical mucus. It also prevents the lining of the uterus to become thick enough for an egg to stay there and grow.

Who can order the pill Yasmin?

You can order Yasmin pill if you are female, at least 18 years of age and if you are looking for a birth control pill for pregnancy prevention with a low dose of hormones which can be used long term.

Who cannot take the pill Yasmin?

You should not take Yasmin if you are pregnant or considering pregnancy. A history of certain medical conditions may also mean you will not be prescribed this pill. They include: blood clots or a stroke, circulation problems, heart valve problems, jaundice, abdominal or vaginal bleeding, uterine or breast cancer, diseases of the kidneys and liver, adrenal gland disorders, high blood pressure or regular unexplained headaches.

It is always advisable to mention any medications you are taking or any conditions that you have previously suffered from during the consultation online.

How to take the contraceptive pill Yasmin?

For best results, you should start taking Yasmin on the first day of your period, as this will give you immediate contraceptive protection. Yasmin may also be taken up to 5 days after your period, but you will need to use additional precautions for the first 7 days as it will not be immediately effective.

You can take the pill Yasmin with or without food, but you should follow a routine and not take it later than necessary, it is best to take it at the same time every day. Yasmin can be taken for 21 days of your cycle, followed by a period of seven days without the pill, during which you will still be protected against pregnancy.

Does Yasmin cause side effects?

Taking any prescription medication can cause side effects for people who are not tolerant of their ingredients. If you are taking the pill Yasmin for the first time, you may feel some mild side effects because your body is not accustomed to the active ingredients in medicine.

However, these side effects usually disappear within a few days and should not affect anyone. The most common side effects of Yasmin are the headaches, menstrual changes, chest pain, abdominal pain and nausea.

Can I order Yasmin online?

You can order your Yasmin pill safely with our service. Once you have chosen the product you wish to order, all you have to do is complete an online consultation, then it will be sent to one of our registered doctors who can assess whether this drug is safe for you to use.

If your request is approved, the doctor will issue you an online prescription and then you will be charged. The prescription will be sent to our pharmacy, which will be responsible for sending the product for quick delivery.