What is Propecia?

Propecia is a medication for male baldness that can give results in as little as three months. Propecia is manufactured by Merck and finasteride is the main component of this medication.

  • Propecia is the brand name and original
  • Good initial results appear in three months
  • New thick and healthy hair in 12 months
  • Nine in 10 men have good results
  • You can take Propecia for as long as you want

If you want to reduce or even stop the advancement of its problem of baldness, the original drug Propecia may be the solution you seek. With Propecia you can gain back any confidence lost during the onset of baldness and look younger too. If you do not know if Propecia is right for you, consult your doctor.

Propecia is available at in 100% original brand form and sold on prescription, after being approved by our doctor, who will issue a prescription to the pharmacy which sends the product for delivery in 24 hours.

How does Propecia work?

Propecia can give you good initial results within three months of use and after 12 months you should have new hair that is healthier and thicker. Clinical tests conducted have shown that 48% of men who took Propecia had hair growth and 42% reported that their hair loss had stopped completely. After two years of taking Propecia, 66% of patients had increased hair growth, while 83% had no further hair loss. After seeing good results, the men saw their confidence and self-esteem raised, improving their quality of life

You need to take a Propecia pill daily every morning, preferably without food in the stomach so that the effects of the pill are fully absorbed by your body. Propecia will only work if taken continuously. If after 12 months or you do not see any major results thanks to the use of Propecia, you may need to switch to a different medication. Propecia should not be taken by women and you must not exceed the daily dose of one tablet.

Can I order Propecia?

Propecia is a medicine only for men with male pattern baldness and hair loss which should not be taken either by women or by children. One way of ordering Propecia is by going to the pharmacy after having a consultation with your doctor. If you are looking for a quicker and more discreet way of getting your medication, you may be able to buy it online.

When buying via, you are buying from a company that is already established, with constant customers who regularly purchase from our website. This is because our service works with medical professionals and pharmacies.

Side effects of Propecia

Side effects of Propecia can include: a lack of sexual desire, itching, slight swelling of the lips and face, problems with ejaculation and painful testicles. These are only possible side effects because less than 2% of men suffer from them. You will not necessarily suffer from any of these symptoms. If the side effects persist for much longer and are very troublesome, we advise you to contact your doctor.