What is NuvaRing?

NuvaRing is an alternative to the type of contraceptives that are dispensed in tablet form to be taken daily. NuvaRing is very convenient as you don’t need to remember to take it every day. NuvaRing is a ring inserted in the vagina once a month which provides 99% protection against pregnancy.

The vaginal ring releases hormones for three weels, a break of seven days during which you are still fully protected against pregnancy. Each NuvaRing contraceptive ring is designed so that you cannot feel it and it will not move, even when exercising. When you buy NuvaRing vaginal ring you will benefit from further advantages such as regular periods and reduced cramps.

The main difference between NuvaRing contraceptive ring and contraceptive pills is that NuvaRing continuously releases the hormone. Nuvaring also uses both oestrogen and progestogen to prevent pregnancy in three ways: by stopping ovulation, thickening of the vaginal mucus to keep sperm from travelling, and reducing the lining of the uterus to stop the egg from being able to develop.

You can easily buy NuvaRing online from, quickly and safely. Select the desired value and purchase and after completing a short medical questionnaire you can choose your method of payment. One of our doctors will then review your information and approve it if it’s suitable for you. Then, our pharmacy will send it to you by post.

What are the advantages of buying NuvaRing?

NuvaRing is a good alternative to contraceptive pills. As well as being almost 100% effective, NuvaRing only needs to be applied once a month. Insert the vaginal contraceptive ring on the first day of the menstrual cycle and enjoy you will be protected against pregnancy all month. Each NuvaRing vaginal ring should be applied for three weeks, then taken out for one week before using a new ring. NuvaRing uses a hormone combination that will help regulate periods and decrease menstrual pain.

The contraceptive ring is made of soft and flexible plastic, so that you and your partner do not suffer from any discomfort. Nine of the ten women who buy NuvaRing recommend it to friends.

How does NuvaRing contraceptive ring work?

NuvaRing works the same way as contraceptive pills, NuvaRing includes two synthetic hormones: oestrogen (2.7mg of etinilestaridol) and progesterone (11.7 mg of etonogestrel). When you buy NuvaRing and begin to use it, it prevents pregnancy in three ways. Firstly it stops ovulation, secondly it changes the uterine lining so if an egg is released it will not be able to develop in the endometrium, and finally it changes vaginal mucus so sperm cannot travel to the uterus.

Who can buy NuvaRing?

Most healthy women between 18 and 50 years old can order NuvaRing. NuvaRing should not be used by women who are at risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke or blood clots. If you are breastfeeding or very sensitive to oestrogen, you may be advised to choose a mini-pill such as Cerazette.

How to use contraceptive ring NuvaRing?

In order to insert the ring, you will need to remove all packaging and hold the ring between your thumb and index finger before inserting it in the vagina. If you are using NuvaRing contraceptive ring for the first time, you will be when the first five days, the hormone to be absorbed by the body.

After three weeks you should take out the ring. To do this, hook the front with your index finger and middle finger to gently pull. Then, for allow seven days before the introduction of a new contraceptive ring guard. During this last week, you will be fully protected against pregnancy.

What are the side effects of NuvaRing?

Many women experience no side effects from NuvaRing as it is designed to comfortably stay in the vagina without discomfort. Women who are using a form of hormonal contraception for the first time can suffer from side effects that usually pass quickly as the body adjusts to the new hormones. These include headaches, nausea, weight gain or vaginal discharge.

How to order NuvaRing online?

If you want order NuvaRing online you can buy it quickly and safely via our service. Select the desired value and purchase. After completing a short medical questionnaire and choosing your method of payment, one of our licensed physicians will prescribe it for you and then it will be send to you by post.