Genital Infections

Genital Infections

Do not let an infection ruin your life
Genital infections can be embarrassing and painful, but the right treatment can relieve your symptoms.

If you have had a genital infection at some point in your life, you know how embarrassing and problematic it can be. What many people do not know is that genital infections are easily spread among sexual partners and this is one of the biggest reasons for conditions such as genital herpes, yeast infections and genital warts, which are common in young men and women who are sexually active. Some of the most contagious infections do not always produce visible symptoms, since 80% of those suffering from male genital herpes do not know they have the herpes virus.

A daily dose of Valtrex is prescribed to treat outbreaks of herpes such as genital herpes, cold sores or shingles
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Famvir can help reduce the recovery of a herpes outbreak and make the virus lie dormant again, curing all symptoms.
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Aciclovir can be prescribed for different types of herpes outbreaks as it can treat the symptoms quickly and effectively.
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What is genital herpes?

This genital infection can be passed from one partner to another through oral, vaginal or anal sex. Caused by the herpes simplex virus, genital herpes is also responsible for candidiasis that appears in the mouth and around it. Unfortunately, once a person is infected with the herpes virus, it remains in the body, but with the use of prescription drugs the symptoms of an outbreak can be treated.

What is a yeast infection?

Most women have a yeast infection at least once in life. Like genital herpes, a yeast infection can be passed through sex if one partner has symptoms such as swelling or redness of the vagina and vulva or penis. Yeast infections (thrush) are common in both men and women.

How do I know I have a genital infection?

Less aggressive conditions such as thrush may not show symptoms for weeks, while the symptoms of an infection such as genital herpes can develop rapidly with painful red blisters in the genital area -particularly the thighs, buttocks and rectum. If you are unsure if you have a genital infection, it is best to talk to your doctor.

How can I treat genital herpes?

This type of genital infection can be treated with prescription medication to relieve symptoms and prevent future outbreaks of herpes virus. Stress, illness, excessive consumption of alcohol and exposure of genitals to sunlight can cause the eruption of herpes virus. The active ingredients in the treatment of genital herpes calm the severity of genital infection and help to clear the symptoms.

How can I treat a yeast infection?

A yeast infection or thruth can be treated with an oral anti-fungal medication. These oral tablets are also suitable for men who suffer from candidiasis.

Can I buy treatments for genital infection online?

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