What is Cerazette?

The contraceptive pill Cerazette is often known as a “mini-pill” and is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. This mini-pill contains only progestogen and no artificial oestrogen. The active ingredient in this contraceptive pill is desgogestrel and, unlike normal mini-pills, this prevents ovulation as does the combined pill. The mini-pill does not stop normally ovulation and relies only on changing the cervical mucus and uterine lining, making Cerazette one of the most effective mini-pills on the market.

The pill Cerazette is as effective as combined oral contraceptives, but does not contain artificial oestrogen. This makes it safer for use for breastfeeding mothers, women over 35 or smokers. It can also be taken up to 12 hours later than usual, whereas other mini-pills need to be taken within the same three hours every day.

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What are the benefits of the pill Cerazette?

The contraceptive pill Cerazette provides immediate protection against pregnancy if taken on the first day of your period. The pill Cerazette provides women particularly sensitive to oestrogen with an alternative method of contraception that is as effective as the combined pill.

Cerazette pills can also provide relief for women who have very painful periods. About 94% of women in clinical trials reported a significant reduction in pain during the periods while using the pills Cerazette.

How does the contraceptive pill Cerazette work?

The pill Cerazette convinces the body that ovulation has already happened, so the chance of an egg being released while using Cerazette is very rare. Like the normal mini-pills, Cerazette also prevents the lining of the uterus from thickening and thickens cervical fluid so that sperm does not enter the uterus.

Who can take the contraceptive pill Cerazette?

Most women over 18 years old seeking a long-term contraceptive pill can buy Cerazette online. It is important to provide the doctor with your medical history and current information before you get your prescription, to ensure that the product is suitable for you.

Who cannot take the pill Cerazette?

It is not recommended to take a pill Cerazette if you are pregnant, think you might be pregnant or are allergic to desogestrel. It is also not recommended to use Cerazette if you have a history of circulation problems, breast cancer or jaundice or if you have recently had some undiagnosed vaginal bleeding.

Taking the contraceptive pill Cerazette

This is classified as an oral contraceptive mini-pill and should be taken during a complete cycle of 28 days, with no gaps between one pack and the next one. The contraceptive pill Cerazette can be taken up to 12 hours after the normal time, with or without food, and provides as much protection as other pills.

Are there side effects with Cerazette?

Women who use the pill Cerazette for the first time may experience side effects because body is not accustomed to the ingredients. However, your system will eventually adapt to the pill very quickly without causing too much discomfort.

The contraceptive pill Cerazette does not contain artificial oestrogen, which means it can be ideal for women who have struggled with headaches and other side effects related to oestrogen while using combined contraceptives. The most common side effects of Cerazette include changes in mood, a decrease in sexual desire (libido), headaches, nausea, acne, breast pain, weight gain and irregular periods.

How to buy Cerazette online?

Our service allows women to buy Cerazette pills securely and discreetlty online. Once you have chosen the treatment, all you need to do is to complete a short online consultation. One of our registered doctors will evaluate the information and determine if this treatment is best for you or not. If it is appropriate for you, your doctor will issue a prescription so that the pharmacy can take care of sending the product for delivery usually within 24 hours.